Olga Gurkin is an own-success-story women, mum of 3 kids with a strong background as a makeup artist with over a decade of experience in the beauty and modeling industries. Several years ago, while living in Europe, the discovery of YUMI™ Lashes brand along with its Keratin Lash Lift programme laid the foundation for further productive and creative collaboration. Thus introducing our product to the market with a title of master trainer.

However, business development required more time, than falling in love with our brand. With passion and dedication Olga stepped all new road in her career path. With time spent on work, her income grew proportionally with professionalism. Facing difficulties was inevitable, but never stopped her on a way to success. Strong believe in her product was a fuel of growth, creating a creative and thriving business for herself.

Due to developing network with others fame about YUMI™ Lashes Keratin Lash Lift spreaded, eventually leading to a meeting with bloggers. Whose article sent the beauty world into a rush: who gets this technology first, will be a “king of the mountain” in this industry. Her instincts were correct and YUMI Lashes Australia quickly grew into a booming business. Along with a loyal customers list grew a demand for YUMI™ Lashes training. That, eventually, lead Olga to expanding her business to providing certification training to cosmetologist and estheticians who wanted to learn the techniques of our unique product.

Olga and YUMI™ Lashes forever transformed the beauty market and have raised the bar for natural lash enhancement services all around the world. With a synergy of far superior in a technical way product and dedication YUMI™ Lashes Australia is now powerful lift brand and has presence in over 65 countries worldwide. Olga now provides her services to celebrities and high-profile clientele, as well as for people travel from all over the world to train with her.